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What is a Timber Paling Fence?

A Timber paling fence is the unassuming yet robust style you normally find as a rear or side fence on a residential property. It is typically built using Cypress Posts with treated pine plinth, rails and palings. 150mm Treated Pine Palings are nailed to the rails separated by an approximately 50mm gap.  A 100mm paling is then nailed over the gap. *The palings should lap 25mm each side. There is the option of using all hardwood materials if desired or concrete posts. Hardwood or concrete posts are recommended and used in high wind areas. Posts are generally placed 600mm in the ground. Our posts are stabilized using cement stabilized soil. This is industry standard using 7kg of cement per posthole. If the soil is sandy or the fence will be in a high wind area the posts will go a further 300mm in the ground using 10kg of cement per post as the Estimator deems necessary to ensure a strong, durable paling fence.

To enhance the look of a paling fence there are two easy choices:

  • Add Capping to the top of your timber paling fence
  • Expose the posts  –  this means the posts can be seen on both sides of the paling fence rather than just the framed side.

What is a Rake and Low Panel

Often where the paling fence approaches the front of your block it can obscure your view when reversing your vehicle or exiting your property.You may even prefer to not feel so enclosed in the front yard. This is where you can choose to have what are called a rake (sloping) and low panels. There is generally 2.7m between posts and this distance is what is referred to as a panel. The low height is usually between 850mm-1m high.

Things to Note:

With a Timber Paling Fence the top of the Paling should not be more than 175mm above the top rail. Soil, rocks, stones or debris of any kind should not be put up against your fence as it is not engineered to hold the extra weight for extended periods of time.  This often leads to plinth being pushed off the fence or in extreme cases bowing the rails and pushing over the fence.  If you intend to put soil up against the fence you should advise the estimator beforehand so allowance can be made in the specifications. If you decide to paint your Paling Fence you will need to be aware that it should be painted both sides to avoid warping the timber, which is caused by uneven moisture/UV distribution. If you require a Paling Fence built in Melbourne, the South East Bayside suburbs, Dandenong, Frankston or the Mornington Peninsula give the expert team at Excelsior Fencing a call


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