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Lasting anywhere from 20 to 30 years, Brush Fencing is durable enough for our harsh Australian climate and will not rot or crack. Not only will it reduce unwanted traffic noise but it will also act as a windbreak. Our Brush is also certified for use as a safety barrier for a pool fence. Please read on as we answer some of the most common questions we receive about Brush Fencing.

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Why should I choose a brush fence?

A brush fence makes an excellent windbreak as the fence is not a solid flat surface like a paling fence is but still has the thickness and density to provide privacy and security. It will also help with traffic noise and our brush is certified for use as pool fencing.

Why use capping with brush panels?

Capping protects the top edge of the brush from weathering and deterioration and stops the birds from getting in and picking at it for their nests etc. Timber capping is better than roll top as roll top doesn’t give as much weather protection as the timber capping does. The longer you can keep it looking good, the better for your pocket and property value. The image to the left is an example of what can happen without capping to protect the brush.

What about the quality?

We do not sell or recommend the thin see-through panels available from the bigger retail chains.  We supply a quality panel meant to provide the privacy and security desired in a front fence.  The brush used is an Australian Mallee Brush, not an imported Asian substitute. Mallee Brush is renowned for its durability and will last in excess of 20 years if installed correctly, unlike the flimsy, thin and frail softwood heather rolls used in cheap imitations.

Can I have a brush gate?

At 65kg per panel, Brush is too heavy to hang from a gate as the weight will cause the gate posts, their foundations and the screws to fail.  For these reasons, we do not recommend or install Brush panel gates.

How is it put together?

We use a piece of standard plinth with decking on top to give a nice framed look to the brush and this also helps support the panel so that your fence keeps its shape and looks better for longer.

We use and recommend Solomit Brush Panels

From the manufacturer:  “Solomit brush fencing will last from 20 to 30 years, and when installed correctly the panels will not rot or crack and are impervious to White Ants. Solomit Brush panels are machine compressed and stitched with galvanised wire, which provides a solid durable panel that helps break up unwanted traffic noise.

Our manufacturing method produces a greater panel density and is far cheaper than the hand packed brush fence

IMPROVE your gardens appearance, use the panels as a windbreak around your pool, barbeque or tennis court or hide that unsightly garden shed, incinerator or pool filter.

The wire spacing allows for both size panels to be cut horizontally to either 900 or 750 in heights across the face. The panel can be reduced in width to any size required. The panels can be successfully butt joined end to end to give the appearance of one continuous panel. The 1800 x 1800 x 50mm nominal panel weight varies on seasonal conditions but is usually about 65 Kg.

They are also suitable for use as a safety barrier for a pool fence, when installed in accordance with the requirements of 1962.1 2007 Part 1: Safety Barriers for Swimming Pools and certified compliant by a suitable qualified inspector.”


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